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John Huber

Bill / N7OQ,
I just checked and ran a small test.  Version 12.7 of the CQPWIN has the option to save an old “*.cqp” file in ADIF format.  Perhaps using that program to get your ADIF files to import into ACLog is your best path to success.
73,  John / N8FYL

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Thanks guys, well I did try ADIF master and it did read the log file but when I converted it to ADIF and up loaded it to AClog some of the log entries were wrong like my county showed up in his call and all my log entries thing it was from Hong Kong. I guess I can edit the columns but it also only loads 100 logs unless I buy it and $25 is a bit high for a program I use only once. I study ADIF format and see if I can some how make a file manually.
Thanks and 73
Bill N7OQ

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Yes - ADIF Master works well for doing bulk edits of ADIF formatted files.  But if it can read in his formats and output an ADIF, this is something questionable.

Under FILE ---> OPEN you have two choices.  ADIF or ALL LOG FILES.  So you can give it a try.  But I'm not real confident it will help.

Good luck.

Vy73 -- Mike -- KD5KC.

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Bill - I think there is a program called ADIF Master which will solve your problem.  I have not used it but I see a lot of folks on here mention that program and say it works very well.

Dan Morris  KZ3T


I live to live for Him!

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Hi I just bought N3FJP logging software and have been importing my logs from other programs and ran into a problem with a contest logging program I used to log Caligornia QSO party called CQPWIN. The files are saved as filename.cqp, filename.ASC and Filename.log. Is there any way to convert these to a ADIF format so I can import them to N3FJP software?

I can look at them in a txt browser and all the info is there but in a format other than ADIF.

Im really hopping I want have to hand load each contact one at a time.

thanks and 73,

Bill N7OQ

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