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The first year I particpated in the NAQP I didn't know the maximum power was capped at 100 watts so I ran my amp.  I was back in ham radio after a very long break, late to the contest, and I simply didn't read the rules.  Things seemed odd, however. Signals weren't as strong as a normal contest and I was getting a lot of reports on how strong I was. So, I read the rules and I realized I was using too much power.  Naturally I didn't submit that log.  Lesson learned was to first read the rules before entering any contest.

Yesterday I was "running" stations on 20 meters when I got a call from a local ham who was barely above the noise level.  Normally he's 20 over S9 when my beam is his way which it was. He said he was running 5 watts as opposed to my 1K.  I told him the limit for NAQP was 100 watts and that's what I was using.  That ham has been licensed for 40 years but he's not a big contestor and he just asssumed legal limit power was the maximum allowed.

I have no doubt some people were cheating. Cheating happens in all contests,  but the NAQP is the only contest I can think of that limits power to 100 watts.  I'd be willing to bet quite a few of those using amps simply didn't read the rules.



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Hearing the same……


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Working the NAQP and it seems a few boys are running QRO!


I hear relays and fans going, shame on them.



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