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Pat Whelton

I think we are talking about two different things.  I think what you are talking about is the ability to transmit prerecorded contest exchanges by placing these recording macros in your F-Keys.  I agree this feature is already available in Scott's software.
What I’m talking about is the new requirement by some contest sponsors that you “RECORD” each QSO.  These “RECORDINGS” can be used at a later date by the contest committee to determine weather a contact was made or imagined.
Pat – KZ5J

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It’s already there……go settings -> Transmit -> Phone Setup.

You’ll need to set up voice files on your PC for CQ, Exchange, QSL, and QRZ if you are running the frequency.

You can’t beat this great software….

GL and hope to work you



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>>>>>I am setting up my voice recordings in preparation for tomorrow's NAQP SSB contest, and am wondering if, like in the CW contest, the software allows me to set up LABELS for the voice recordings?<<<<

Hi Stephen.  I wasn’t aware that you could set up contest recording in ACLog’s contest software.  Where did you find this feature?  I was thinking of suggesting to Scott that he add this feature but if it’s already there I’d like to know where it is and how to set it up.


Pat - KZ5J

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