Re: Possibly a bad place to bring this up

Mark W

I’ve been on LOTW since it first started. The initial registration was a little confusing to me, but got it done. Without it, I would probably only have 50 countries confirmed instead of 237. Unless I wanted the “easy way” of getting confirmations by sending dollar bills all over the world and hoping some day I might get a card in the mail. I do chase some awards, I would not even attempt it without LOTW.

ACLog does an awesome job with LOTW. How could it be any easier?



In 43 years of hamming, I had the most fun in 2016 with NPOTA. I doubt it would have been much fun without LOTW. I know I would have ended with nothing but a bad reputation for doing park activations without LOTW. One of the best parts of the game was seeing all the standings in real time daily. But that wouldn’t be without LOTW.


I guess I just don’t get how hams who build their own radios and antennas, operate todays rigs, run digital and pass a Govt tech competence test to get a license, think getting on LOTW is too hard. And it’s FREE. Don’t worry League haters, you’re not making the ARRL any money by using their free service.

The renewal process every few years? I think I had it done is 30 seconds and I had no idea how to do it because it had been years since I’ve had to.


My DX Cluster display and all my digital mode software tells me who uses LOTW and who doesn’t. It’s great because I don’t waste my time chasing down a station I will never confirm. When things get really hopping, I just toggle my software to not even show non-LOTW stations. Keeps things nice and neat.


You guys are missing the boat if you don’t take the few steps and be part of LOTW.





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