Re: Can I use AC Log for ARRL's International Grid Chase 2018 event? Yes!


Only the first four of the grid square are necessary for the exchange.
By using this, the location is not exact.
If satellite is allowed, it sounds like remoting falls right in there to operate/work.
Have fun!
Dan de kb6unc

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One question about logging the grids. Since I use and the grids are auto filled is that the grid LOTW will recognize? Because not all grids are accurate on QRZ. Some people don't want their exact location known. I'v seen some locations in the middle of the Atlantic. Then there's others who operate remote.

Fred K2DFC

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Hi All,

The latest FAQ (folks are already asking!):

Can I use Amateur Contact Log for ARRL's International Grid Chase 2018 event?

Yes! Like the ARRL's Centennial QSO Party in 2014 and the National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) event in 2016, scoring for ARRL's International Grid Chase is handled by ARRL's Log Book of the World (LoTW). Amateur Contact Log worked just fine for the ARRL Centennial QSO Party, NPOTA and it will be fine for ARRL's International Grid Chase in 2018 too. Grid Chase scoring is handled by upload to LoTW and Amateur Contact Log has all the features you need for that.

To keep your Grid Chase score updated, you only have to upload the Grid Chase QSO to LoTW, just as you would any other QSO record. You don't even have to log the grid! LoTW will determine and confirm the grids you work based on the LoTW records of the stations that confirm on LoTW. You can see your score and the leader board by logging into LoTW.

It isn't necessary to track the grids you work in AC Log since LoTW is performing that function, but you can always display the grid field to do that too if you like. To display and customize the location of the grid field, click Settings > Edit Fields Displayed. To see your AC Log grid total, just click Awards > 10-10, Grids, Etc., enter the starting record for the time period of interest, enter an L in the Confirmed By field (to only return QSOs confirmed by LoTW) and then click calculate.

In summary, to participate, just make as many QSOs as you can! No specific exchange is required and contest contacts count too. Then upload your QSOs to LoTW!

73, Scott
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