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Thanks for your reply!

If I understand you correctly, in your opinion, you feel that if I was to uninstall WSJT, and JT Alert, and even HRD, and then reinstall only WSJT and JT Alert and follow the API instructions, my troubles might possibly end?  😊

Thank You!

Dale K8TS



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Hi Dale,


Thanks for your e-mail.  I'm sorry that you are having so much trouble.  My software doesn't interface with HRD in any way.  M suspicion is that you somehow reconfigured the other packages for HRD, using different ports.  HRD is not required at all, so I suspect if you restore WSJT and JT Alert to defaults and then reconfigure, that will get you going.


73, Scott



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I have posted in a number of forums that deal directly with the IC 7300.  So this may sound familiar to some.


I want to run FT8.  If I understand all I think I know I understand, WSJT-X, JTAlertX, ACL, and the 7300, should be able to run FT8, and would be the ONLY programs I would need to accomplish that.  I have watched countless You Tube videos, read and re-read Scotts’ instructions on API and Rig Interface, and I am still at what seems to be base one.


The only way I can get everybody to play together is to download HRD and be running it concurrently with the rest.  With HRD running it logs to ACL fine.  Without HRD I can’t get anything to talk to each other and thus end up with “error connecting” and “I/O” errors.  I can not even get WSJT-X to read frequency.


Why I even got involved in HRD is a long story, but has nothing to do with the quality of N3FJP software.  I WANT to use N3FJP but just can’t seem to get it configured right.


Is there anyone out there that can pull me out of this mess?  If need be I would be happy to pass along all the settings on the 7300 and WSJT and anything else that might be needed.  I am at wit’s end.  (and to boot my “free” HRD trial ends day after tomorrow).  Don’t get me wrong, this is something I been trying to change for over a week, but have been unsuccessful in doing.  It is not something I just sat down tonite to try and change.


Dale K8TS

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