Re: Interfacing with my IC-735

John Huber

Jeff / K1JWJ,
Yes, you will need a serial port connection from your laptop to Icom CI-V data port on the back of the radio to control the IC-735 (as in read or set frequency) via ACLog or any other radio control software.  If you are just trying to do sound card modes it can be done with just the SignaLink. You may need to have your VOX turned on to activate transmit when sending audio to the SignaLink.   I have used a SignaLink with my IC-735 (but it was a few years ago).  For a laptop look for a USB to CI-V cable.  Try to avoid a cable which has a Prolific chip in it as there have been many reported problems because of the many counterfeit chips being sold by various vendors.
73,  John / N8FYL

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Subject: [N3FJP_Software_Users] Interfacing with my IC-735

When I attempt this interface, no COMM ports are shown from which I can choose. My radio is connected to a SignaLink USB and then to a WIN7 laptop.

Do I need some other cable connection for this wor properly interface?



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