Possible new feature?

John Mathey

First I want to commend Scott and Kimberly for such a great software package the the outstanding support.

That said, I found a new feature (at least for me) which is fantastic.  Wanting to change frequency of rig I accidentally discovered just typing the frequency into the CALL field changed the frequency/band on the rig.  Great savings of not having to do the CTRL-F and type in the frequency.

Now a request for possible future enhancement.  My internet AT&T continually drops connection and I loose the DX Spotting.  This means I have to open SETTINGS/DX SPOTTING/ and then un-check the connection box and re-check it.  Annoying!  Would it be possible to put a button on the main screen which would allow a "one click" operation which would re-set the connection?

Thank you for the consideration.



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