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Scott Souva

I have a TS-590SG and use both the USB port and the Serial Port (via a USB-to-Serial interface) on the radio. This allows me to use both ACLog and the Kenwood ARCP application at the same time. 
Scott KG2S

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Hi Kathy,

Thanks for your e-mail.  My software won't share com ports (the serial port you are using to connect your radio to your PC) with other software, so if you have the 590 G control program running, AC Log is unable to access the port.  Try closing that software and then try connecting from AC Log.
You'll find more details on sharing com ports here:

And more details on rig interface here:
73, Scott
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I recently bought AClog and am having a problem getting the spotting to work. I'm using a a Kenwood TS590SG with my Win 10 laptop. The logging part is working fine but I'd like to get the interface working so I can click on a spot and go there. My laptop is connected to my rig with a USB cable. I installed the Kenwood ARCP 590G control software and it works fine with that.
But when I try to get AClog to play, I get a message that says "Error opening Com Port for Rig interface" or Com port 3 is in use by another application, etc. OK, great I suppose if you are someone that can use that info, but to a non-computer person, might as well be in Mandarin.
I've tried playing around with this off and on for a few weeks now with no success.
I'm not a computer person and am frankly totally lost when it comes to things like COM/com, port managing, etc. Or what that means.
I downloaded the manual and that has little that I see applies to my problem with the spotting feature.
I've tried to watch the video helps you have posted Scott, but going back and forth from the video to my laptop and try to apply what I've already forgotten by then, isn't working for me either.  OK, I'll admit, I seldom find a video help to be a help and prefer something I can underline, fold the corner of the page over, write in, etc.
Is anyone else using a 590SG and might give me a hand?
Kathy W2NK


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