Re: Issues with PA QSO Party

Dave Hamm, K4EET


For Windows 10 (which I have):

1. Press the "Windows Flag" on the keyboard.
2. The second icon from the bottom will be "Settings" and left-click that.
3. Left-click on "Devices."
4. In the left column, left-click on "Mouse and touchpad."
5. At the bottom of the list, left-click on "Additional mouse options."
6. In the Mouse Properties Window, select the third tab - "Pointer Options."
7. Put a check mark in the very last item which reads "Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key.
8. Press "OK." and then exit all of the open windows.
9. Press the "CTRL" key to see the operation...

I hope this helps.

73, Dave Hamm K4EET

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