ACL 5.x and TS-2000 not working quite right

Michael Wolcott

First, my apologies for my FFS (fat finger syndrome) that allowed me to send a blank message. Please overlook an old man's problems.

I am have a rig control issue with ACL 5.x and my TS-2000.
Under the Settings tab:
Select Rig = Kenwood2 (and I have also tried Kenwood)
COM3 in use
Baud Rate = 9.6 (and all others tested as well)
N82 for Parity, bits, stop (also tried N81)
Connection Power = RTS
Polling Rate = 2 sec (all other values also tested)
Mode Determined = Radio
Use Frequency on Main Form is checked.
Polling Test seems normal.
"To test the change frequency command..." works for frequency and mode.
Multi Radio Configuration is not used.

The issue is when rig control is active and I enter a Call, tab over to Date (correctly filled), then tab over to Band ACL will always fill the box as "20" not the band the radio is actually tuned to. If I manually set the Band to something like "40" it is immediately reset to "20".

The Power box will default to "25" and will not track the power setting on the TS-2000.

Also, when I tab to the Frequency field the default is displayed as "7.070" and will not track the radio.

Call sign look up is correct.

I suspect there is something I'm overlooking but I can't find it. Any ideas or suggestions are most welcome. No flames, please.

Thanks in advance and best 73 to all.

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