Re: Issues with PA QSO Party


Thanks for the response and suggestions.
I plead guilty to not being very familiar with all the settings available in your apps. 21st century daily life gets far too much in the way of me having fun.
Even though I do not remember the autofill behavior having any significant impact on us we may actually appreciate the setting you suggested.
Regarding the Active Text Box setting, I am afraid that I misspoke when I made that request. I really meant to comment on the pointer, not the cursor. The cursor is not an issue - it blinks. The issue is when you want to change the active text box using the mouse. Yes, I know how to sequence through the list using Tab and <Shift>-Tab (even this does not work correctly), but my automatic reflex is to get where I want to go by left clicking the mouse. It is hard to do that when you lose the pointer. It would be nice if you had a configuration setting for the pointer color under the Colors and Fonts menuitem.
Having been there myself I understand the difficulty of designing multiple use code. The catch is always the fact that you usually don't fully understand all the requirements of writing it correctly and efficiently until you have already gone fairly far down all the possible roads with it. It is painful when you discover all of the 'I should have done's. I feel for you.
Regarding the CW wildcard, we dealt with the problem just as you suggested - by changing the CW F-key setup. As a fixed station that is an insignificant workaround. But obviously for a mobile it is a little more impactive. Good luck on having time to fix it.

Best regards,

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