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Christopher Scibelli

If I understand correctly the station on the 4 county line isn't being marked as uploaded.  I think you're referring to N9FN but this happens in many state QPs.
You must edit the time when a station counts for 2, 3, or 4 counties.  Increment the other 3 QSOs by a minute each and LoTW will recognize all 4 counties.
Chris  NU1O

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Hi John,

Thanks for your e-mail.  Yes, as soon as AC Log finds a match, it doesn't look for more.  It may take a few moments to mark those exceptions manually, but far less time than it would take to have AC Log try to check every record (even after matches are found) on every LoTW download.  The net time effect is strongly in the favor of the current configuration.


73, Scott
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Hi Scott,

I just noticed an anomaly in AC Log.

Version 5.7 released.

This weekend I worked the Illinois QSO Party, using your ILQP contest
software. No problem there.
Extracted ADIF and imported ADIF into ACLog. No problem there.
Uploaded to LOTW. No Problem
Waited until today and downloaded all since yesterday. Everything that I
uploaded downloaded OK.

Now the problem.

I worked a station on a 4 county intersection. All 4 qsos logged,
imported into ACL, Uploaded and downloaded
to LOTW. But...

ACL does not indicate that the qso's were confirmed uploaded. ie: The
color did not change in the grid to the LOTW
confirmed color for 3 of the 4 qsos. All of the qsos are logged as
identical except for the county. LOTW accepted them
as separate qsos and downloaded (confirmed) them as separate qsos, but
ACL does not show them as LOTW accepted.

Something to look at in your copious free time :).

John - K9IJ

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