Re: recent Windows 10 upgrade - data loss

Christopher Scibelli

I had a similar thing happen.  The logging file can't be found and I had to register all my programs again and reset all the settings. All the sites I regularly visit no longer have their passwords stored in Google.  This created a mess I could do without!
I use a thumb drive but it was 2 days old and during that time I worked the PA QSO Party and two rare DX expeditions.  Fortunately, I uploaded all those QSOs to LoTW so I was able to retrieve my missing QSOs.
Here is my problem:  I have a copy of the PA QSO Party with all the serial numbers, counties, power, etc.  LoTW doesn't give all that info. I also have all those QSOs in AC Log but minus the counties, and serial numbers which aren't so important.
I'd like to import an ADIF file from my PA QSO party log but how do I handle all those PA QSO Party entries that are already in AC Log but which lack the counties?  Should I delete all of them first and then import the ADIF file or is there a better way?  I have about 250 QSOs from the PAQP.
All I can say is thank God I got in the habit of backing my log up regularly to LoTW, Clublog, and my thumb drive or I'd be in serious trouble right now!  LoTW and Clublog are good for retrieving data but they don't store all the info a thumb drive does.
Chris  NU1O

In a message dated 10/9/2016 3:28:43 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, N3FJP_Software_Users@... writes:

I recently updated my Windows 10 OS. When I turned on my N3FJP program none of my logging showed up. When I looked at the file where the data is located there was nothing there. Now I want to import or use the log back ups, but I don't know how to do this en mass. I can open one file which is successful. But when I try to open another file it simply writes on top of rather then merging the 2 logs together. My back ups are located in a file named 2015 - this contains about 7 subfiles. The second file is named 2016 which contain about as many or more then the first. How do I import all files at once so I can save them and have a complete working set of logs? 

I tried importing all by using the select, then shift key and that didn't work

I tried using the control key (to select multiple files ) that didn't work

I downloaded the latest version of the general log program and have that runni ng

I tried copying and moving the backup files to a log file and i couldn't do that either.

Thanks for any advice or help

Tom Ebert


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