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Christopher Scibelli

Thank you, John.  I will do a search.
Chris  NU1O
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In the Lenovo bios look for Hotkey Mode and reverse the setting. If you don't find the Hotkey Mode
setting, then you may need a bios update.

John - K9IJ

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Great! I'm really glad you got your answer.
Is anybody using a Lenovo ideapad 100S?  I want to do the same things but I'm not finding anything in support.
Chris  NU1O
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Fixed it!  K9IJ's suggestion worked.....after a couple of tries. The link to:

HP Notebook PCs - Disable The Fn + Function Key Combination on Certain Models | HP® Customer Support

worked with one issue. Step 6 says to press the f10 key to save the selection and restart the computer....which it did. However I found that the change had not taken. When I tried it again after hitting the f10 key I forced the computer to shut down completely. When it restarted it worked as we had hoped for.

So, I hope this will help others.  Thanks all!

Stan Briggs, K8SB  

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