Re: CWT Practice et al -- a little off topic.

Christopher Scibelli

The only thing is it keeps repeating the same things over and over for most of the modules. I'm memorizing things already.
I think the only module that keeps sending random data is the letters and numbers module.
One thing I really like is under "Random Letters and Numbers" there is a "Play Me" box.  If you enter your call there it's a good way to practice hearing your call all the way up to 50 wpm.  That's great for learning one's call at a faster speed than normal. In DX pileups it's not unusual to get somebody sending at 35 to 40 wpm so this could be a big help for those unaccustomed to hearing their call at fast speeds.
The CW sounds great.
I think I'll write to N3HEE, the program author, and see if he can expand the database.  For example, the CWT module uses the same calls, names, and CWT member numbers over and over.  It would be great if it selected that info at random from the CWT database which was just uploaded to the user group's file.
Chris  NU1O
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Thanks for that link. Tried it and it works.
John WX4O

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