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John Huber

N3FJP CWT users:
I have loaded a large CWT call history file to the files section of the Yahoo groups space.  It was formatted from the latest CWT file history file provided for N1MM+ by VE2FK.  Group members should also have received a separate email with the link to get the file from Yahoo.
You can access this file at the URL:
The converted file worked for me using the merge feature in the “Settings->History File...” form.
73,  John / N8FYL

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for the report.  Yes, properly formatted, the data from the file you referenced should load up fine.  Just make sure you format it exactly as the history file my software creates is formatted.  If you or someone else modifies the file for my software to use, by all means, please make it available on the group!
73, Scott
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There is a CWT Call History File formatted for N1MM+ out there, ready to go.  I tried to reformat it to import it into N3FJP, but I guess I'm not smart enough to make it work.  Your history file has many more fields--I suppose it's for future expansion. 

When I tried moving between csv to xls and back to csv formats, I keep getting weird ASCII characters instead of commas and such.  Maybe there's an easy way to make the translation?  It's just a .txt file but it's driving me nuts.

Fellow CWT users--anyone have the coding chops to do this?

I love your software!  I normally don't go for self-populating exchanges, but the CWTs are so fast and furious that I make an exception for that.  The call history feature will be a welcome update!

Thanks, and 73,
Dave K5IX

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