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Mark W

This is what I have been doing. I simply cancel the error I get from ACLog. So far it works fine as long as I remember to open JT software first.




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Would WSJT-X and JTAlert work for you?

If so, load those two programs, grab the USB interface, then start ACLog. WSJT-X grabs the band and mode, decodes the call. Then when you log the contact, JTAlert passes the info to ACLog. Works great, no competition for the port.

Bob, N3FM

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Thanks for the status update re: Omni-rig. Sorry to hear it is not on the list.  I think it would solve my problem.  Re Paul's message... You have probably seen my messages about my results with Xport.   To sum it up - not a viable solution.   I want/need to be able to be able to share the CI-V port between WSJT and ACLog because I am using WJST's spotting interface to PSKReporter.  Because of the non-sharing situation, I have to manually put the receive frequency into WSJT.  And... yesterday when I forgot to change it when I switched from 6 meters to 20 meters, I ended up sending a bunch of spots with the wrong band.  It woke up a bunch of people who were watching PSK Reporter for 6 meter spots, until they realized I was sending spots with the wrong band/frequency info.   Again, thanks for the status note.   73, Rick - K5GZR

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Hi Rick,


Thanks for your e-mail.  Omnirig isn't currently on the timeline, but in case you missed Paul's remedy on the other thread I've pasted it below:



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You didn’t give your OS details etc but it works for me on my Win7 machine. I have recently had as many as 4 of Scott’s QSO  Party programs open and working fine at the same time. I could never get VSPE to work properly for me.


Paul, N8OT




Also, it occurs to me that since I have the API server code up and running, I may be able to add client code and utilze my own API for communication among the N3FJP Software suite to handle rig interface.  The idea being just leave AC Log connected to the transceiver and have the contesting programs handle the rig interface in a connection to AC Log via the API.




Thanks for the possible new idea!




73, Scott



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When will N3FJP logging programs (and ACLog in particular) support Omni-Rig as an option for getting frequency and mode data via a serial port to the radio's CI-V interface?    The radio interface currently in the N3FJP logging programs requires exclusive access to the serial port, which means I can't run more than one logger at a time.   So if I am in the VHF contest and want to look in ACLog to see if I have ever worked a specific station, I have to stop the VHF contest logger, then start ACLog, do the lookup, stop ACLog, and start the VHF logger.   There may be other manual ways to switchg from the VHF logger to AClog and to switch back.   But it would be so much easier to have an Omni-Rig interface, and let Omni-Rig do the port sharing and message sequencing.   Thanks,   Rick - K5GZR

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