Re: Please Test History File Implementation!

Christopher Scibelli

I typed a half dozen calls in and made up some easy to remember CW OPs numbers.  Started a new database upon reloading and it worked fine.
Thank you for adding this nice feature.
Chris  NU1O
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Hi All,

Whether you have an interest in the CWops CWT weekly contest or not, please take a moment now and test my new N3FJP Software history file implementation, before I code it into the rest of the applicable software!

To do so, please download this beta version 1.4 of the CW Ops CWT software, by clicking on this link (if you already have a prior version installed, please uninstall it first):

-  Start CWops CWT version 1.4.

-  If you don't currently have any contacts in your log, please enter one.  Otherwise, just make a note of one of the calls that appears in your log.

-  Close 1.4 (your history file will be silently created when you close the software).

-  Start the program again (your history file will load silently on start).

-  Click File > New to clear any current records

-  Click Settings > History File and check the Use History File option

-  Type a call sign that was in your log previously and press the space bar

If all goes well, the QSO data from your history file should populate the exchange fields!

You can also explore the features on the History File setup form too.

Please let me know how you make out!

73, Scott
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