Re: ACLog with JTAlert

Mark W

Thanks Scott,

I contacted him last night. I’m really excited about this!

I also think it will bring more ACLog users.




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Hi Mark,


Laurie, VK3AMA, author of JTAlert-X has developed code to interface with Amateur Contact Log via my new API!  Laurie is now looking for beta testers!


I'm not on Laurie's e-mail list myself, but Laurie asks that you e-mail him and he will send you a copy of the JTAlert-X beta to try:



More details on JTAlert-X are here:



If you are a user of Laurie's software, please e-mail Laurie and give his new beta a good workout!



73, Scott



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That’s what I was waiting for. Now I can dump my old logger. Do I just need to install the latest version of JT-Alert?




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Scott, Laurie has tied ACLog to JTAlert and it is working great here.  Thanks for the addition to the program.



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