Question about LOTW uploads

Mark W

I have not had any problems uploading my log to LOTW, but I am confused about the QSL status in the log entry. When I upload all QSOs not uploaded, the Sent status in the log page still says N. At what point does this change to "Y"?

Today I uploaded about 10 new QSOs to LOTW. the status on the log page stayed at "N". I then uploaded eQSL and the status changed to "Y". I am referring to the SENT status. I also notice that every time I compile an upload for LOTW, it tells me I have about 150 QSOs sign for upload but appear to be dupes?

Do I have something set wrong? LOTW is very important to me. I really dont care much about eQSL, but since it is easy to do, I upload every couple weeks.


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