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Mark W

I am not familiar with the cable, but there are issues with newer drivers for USB to serial interfaces. There is a lot of info on the web about it and is a fairly easy fix.


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I feel like a dummy, but here goes.  I'm using Yaesu FT-1000 with Windows 7.  I had been using XP and I had good computer control with CAT so I know the cable and radio are working fine, but now I'm using Windows 7 and I'm having a problem.  The interface cable I 'm using is LCU3-Y1 and as I mentioned it worked fine on Windows XP.  The current problem is this: when I go to "settings" and "rig interface" and I look for com port connection, there are no com ports listed.  Is this because I don't have the proper driver installed?  When I insert the USB cable I do hear the Windows beep recognizing the USB cable.  I was able to find my com ports with Windows XP, but I'm not well versed with Windows 7 and I don't see the listing like I had with XP.  When I plug in the cable the computer recognizes the interface cable as "Other Devices / TTL-232R-3V3-AJ" and says it can't find the driver.  When I ask it to search the computer and the internet I get the response saying it "can't find a driver software for this device".  I hope I have given enough information, but I could really use some help.  Thanks.



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