Re: How to change/add to country list

Pat Whelton

Hey Don.  Try this in version 5.3:
1.  Highlight record
2.  Click on Edit
3.  In the “Country” field type “Palmyra & Jarvis Is.” over USA
Pat - KZ5J

Sent: Wednesday, January 20, 2016 10:33 AM
Subject: [N3FJP_Software_Users] How to change/add to country list


The K5P DX'pedition is currently on the air from Palmyra  and I have worked them.  The software thinks K5P is USA, but they are on Palmyra and Jarvis Island.  Old iterations of N3FJP allowed adding/changing a call/country on the country list.  I can not find how to do it on the current 5.3 software.  A further complication is that last year another group used  the K5P call IN the US.

How do I change this one and differentiate it from the USA use of the call ?  Help, please.

Donald K6RV

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