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Pat Whelton

Thanks Scott.  Experimented and placed a check in the box that says “Current Time If Blank” and now I’m getting the logoff time entered automatically.  Some times magic works against you.  Don’t know how that got unchecked.  Guess it’s the magic of fat fingers.
Pat - KZ5J

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Hi Pat, 

Thanks for your e-mail.  Either clicking Settings > Time Off if Blank.. (so that it is checked) or checking the check box above the Time Off field that says Current Time if Blank is working properly here.  There haven't been any other problem reports, so I'm not sure why you are experiencing what you describe.
73, Scott
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I must have fat fingered something as I am no longer having a value entered in the “Time Off” field of ACLog v.5.3.
In Settings under “Time Off – If Blank, Log Current Time” I have tried placing a check mark next to this field and I have also tried this field without a check mark.  Neither produces a QSO ending time.  I’ve had to edit the QSO record the last couple of QSOs to get and ending time.
Again I must have touched something erroneously so it’s probably a pretty easy fix.  Any help will be appreciated.
Pat - KZ5J

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