ACLog eQSL and "S Conf By" update

John Huber

Hello Group,

I've not been able to find an answer by searching, so I'll try by asking :-)

When I upload contacts to eQSL via ACLog (using the "selected records" button), the records are marked with an "E" in the "S Conf By" field.

When I have uploaded a big batch of contacts to eQSL(via the eQSL website) after a contest (using the same ADIF file I import into ACLog), and followup with an ACLog "Download All Since", the "E" does NOT show up in my log (like the L shows up for LotW after a "Download All Since").

Am I missing a step, or is there a way to get the E in "S Conf by" for eQSL records NOT uploaded directly from ACLog?

Thanks es 73,

John / N8FYL 

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