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Pat Whelton

Hi George.  I probably can’t add much to the printing and replying to QSL chore.  At one time I used “BV” by DF3CB.  I stopped using it several years ago because of the difficulty in formatting the label templates and I seem to recall having to recreate the database used to create the labels.  Within the last year or so Scott, N3FJP, was convinced that we sorely needed the ability to print multiple QSOs on a single label and that has eased the chore immensely (thank you again Scott).  
You probably know this but if not for multiple QSOs with the same station:
1.  Enter the stations call in the “Call” field.
2.  Click on “Search”.
3.  Highlight the first entry, hit SHIFT key and highlight the last entry.
4.  Click on “Print QSL Strip”
I haven’t tried this but it might work on various calls:
1.  In an unused field i.e.:  the “Other” field enter something meaningful to you i.e.: “REP” (replied to QSL) or whatever you want to use.
2.  Click on “Clear”
3.  Enter “REP” in the “Other” field.
4.  Click on “Search”.
5.  Highlight the first entry, hit SHIFT key and highlight the last entry.
6.  Click on “Print QSL Strip”
7.  Go back into each of these records “Other” field and delete “REP” or just leave it there if you don’t use this field for anything else.
Again I have not tried this and although it’s kludge (sp) it just might work.
Sorry I can’t help much more than that.  ACLog has a fairly robust QSL’ing module but like you I wish there was a little more.
Pat - KZ5J

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Subject: Re: [N3FJP_Software_Users] Label Printing

Pat, let me pick your brain for a moment.   You mentioned returning a lot of QSLs from the JAs.  I know exactly what you are talking about.   Now, how exactly do you go about generating a large group of labels?   I know how to print QSL labels a few at a time but have you found a way to mark Qs for QSLs and then print out 50-100 labels in one mass printing?  I have never figured a way with  ACLog to do this.   I've always thought ACLog was about perfect except for the QSL issue. It's fine for the occasional QSLer who initiates a QSL after a contact but I have never found a way to handle simply a box or group of envelopes of QSLs from the bureau .    So I end up using another program solely to do my QSLing, which is a big pain.   How are you handling this?

George K4GM

On 8/31/2015 1:47 PM, 'Pat Whelton' pwhelton@... [N3FJP_Software_Users] wrote:
I use Avery 8160 labels with ACLog.  8160s come 30 labels to a page.  Three across and 10 down.  The individual labels measure 1” X 2-5/8”.  When printing labels ACLog knows what label to start printing on and it remembers the last label you used (that is until you close the program).  I typically buy the 750 label package (25 sheets).  I do a lot of QSL’ing especially a year or two after a contest when all the JA’s want QSLs.  YMMV.
Pat - KZ5J
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I've never printed out labels so I have a very basic question.  I see labeling paper in office stores.  I take it that labeling paper is required?  Are they all pretty much the same or is one brand better than the others?
Chris  NU1O
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I use the same settings on my LableWriter 400 Turbo as well, works great as long as remember to print landscape.
Geary, KE5IRK

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I have that setup and no problem.
See attachment
73 Larry K1ZW
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Subject: [N3FJP_Software_Users] Label Printing

Just curious, has anyone tried or is anyone printing with a label printer, such as DYMO 450 TURBO or the like and were there any major setup parameters? thanks


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