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Pat Whelton

Hi John.  Thanks for the input.  I tried that several days ago.  No luck.  But thanks for the suggestion.

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Make sure you have 3min keep alive checked. If spots are
coming slowly many spot servers will disconnect clients if
they don't see a 'ping' or ack from the client within 3min.

'Pat Whelton' pwhelton@... [N3FJP_Software_Users]
> Hi Mark. I’m sorry you have the problem too but I’m glad I’m
> not going crazy and that someone other than myself has the
> same problem. What do you do when it happens? Do you just
> reconnect 40-50 times a day?
> Pat - KZ5J
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> I have the same problem but I don't recall it being
> dependent on the software version - have not been able to
> figure out why this happens.
> 73
> Mark KN7T
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> Hello All. I recently bought a new PC and placed ACLog
> back in service. I’m running v. 5.2 and restored the log
> from backup. I ordered new TQSL files from the ARRL and
> successfully uploaded and downloaded from LoTW. The new
> PC is running Windows 7 Pro. The big problem I’m having
> now is trying to stay connected to the various Telnet
> Hosts. I can stay connected for probably 1/2 an hour and
> the next time I look at the spotting screen there has
> been no DX activity for several minutes. I have to do a
> cntl-D and reconnect. This is getting to be a pain the
> the tookus. I use to be able to call up ACLog at 6:00 in
> the morning and remain connected all day until bedtime
> around 10:00 pm. I’ve tried different Telnet Hosts
> VE7CC, DXSPOTS, etc but they all drop me after a short
> while.
> Has anyone recently placed a new system online and
> experienced this? What did you do to fix it?
> Regards & Best DX,
> Pat - KZ5J


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