Re: Importing eQSL contacts.

Ken Kent <ka2lim@...>

"Well AC log told me that I had QSOs that were not in the log and asked me if I wanted to add them.  I said yes and all 700+ came in as new contacts." 

You should have said "no"

That is telling the eQSL data base that you are confirming all the contacts that are in your "in box" as being valid when in fact there were contacts loaded into the Eqsl data base (by others) that you say you did not make.

Check you "in box" on the eQSL site, if there is a contact there with a red X and green check mark and that callsign in not in your log, then click the red X-(reject button) and it will not be put in the archive data. It (the rejected contact) will go into a file called" RejectBox" and not be able to be downloaded by you into you master log (in this case ACLog).

You caused your problem, NOT eQSL or ACLog.


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