Re: WinKeyer not keying transmitter with ACLog


Ditto, try reversing the ports - both of my WinKeyers were wired backwards as well.
Mark KN7T


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I have a Winkeyer USB and the ports were wired backwards.  Try reversing the ports.
Chris  NU1O
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I have a new USB WinKeyer (WKUSB-SMT) that tests OK in standalone. When connected to my FT-2000 I can key the transmitter using the WinIKeyer3 Demo program. But when I try to use the WinKeyer with ACLog I can not get it to key the transmitter. ACLog is communicating with the WinKeyer since I can hear the code that is being sent from ACLog on the WinKeyer speaker. It just won't key the transmitter.

- ACLog version 4.8
- WinKey V30
- Using default settings for WinKeyer in ACLog
- From the main screen of ACLog I can hear the code on the WinKey speaker when pressing F1, F9, or using the keyboard
- From the main screen of ACLog I can switch between function keys and keyboard by pressing F12
- Using WinKeyer3 Demo program I can send code and the transmitter will key and I can hear the code on the WinKeyer speaker
- Using ACLog I can use the function keys, the keyboard, the test button on the WinKeyer setup screen, and the test button the transmitter CW setup screen to send code which I can hear on the WinKeyer speaker, but it will not key the transmitter.
- I am using the ACLog rig control which is working OK

To me it seems I am missing a setting in ACLog to get this to work, but so far I am unable to find what I am doing wrong. I have search different places but could not find a solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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