CW SS program behavior


At one point during SS with the logging program, I got some sort of an error message indicating that the com port that my Winkeyer was hooked up to was "no longer available".  Interestingly, the device continued to work but I kept getting the same error message a number of times and I finally had to close the logger and re-start it.  Upon re-start, I noticed that the total operating timer had reset itself to "zero", which I was not expecting.  I didn't think that the timer would reset itself until you started a "new" log ?  Not sure what happened but the reset was disconcerting because I had no other way to keep track of my total operating time and was forced to stop early since I knew I was getting close to the 24 hour time limit and didn't want to exceed it.  Did anyone else have this issue ?

Mark KN7T

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