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Ken Kent <ka2lim@...>

You should be using VHF Contest Log V4.2. I did a lot of testing on V4.1 before we used it in the June VHF contest. Found a couple of anomolies that I alerted Scott to and he corrected them in V4.2. We just used V4.2 during the UHF contest ant the K2LIM contest station and it is working just fine to include the bearing and we check it aginst WinGrid which we have running on each computer at each position. Make sure you put in your Lat. and Long. (example: Lat-42.226811, Long-76.84638)-mine. and you 6 digit grid (FN12nf)-mine. You will find you bearing will be right on.

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Subject: [N3FJP_Software_Users] Re: Antenna Bearing error
I'm not so concerned about distance as I am about the bearing. This is used when operating VHF. Even so, if the bearing is 180 degrees off, then there is a problem somewhere no matter where it is figured from.

> On 8/3/2013 1:25 PM, Floyd Rodgers wrote:
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> > I believe this is covered in the email archives. From memory, Scott does
> > his dist/bearing calcs from the center of your grid square to the target
> > grid square. I think he uses the major square (EM12) not the
> > subgrid(EM12xx). That will make a difference in the calculation from
> > what you expect.
> >
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