Re: Getting my CW interface to work

Scott Davis

Hi All,

Not being a hardware guy myself, I'd really appreciate it if you would send along any thoughts and suggestions to help Huel get his CW interface going.

Thanks in advance.


Scott, N3FJP

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In a message dated 06/20/03 8:58:03 PM Eastern Daylight Time, k4drq@... writes:

I just built the 2N2222 interface circuit and haven't been able to
get it to key my rig.  Does anyone know what the signal level should
be at the db9 output/cw interface input?

I can put a positive voltage of 12v on the input and it keys the
circuit and the radio fine, so the circuit appears to work fine at
that voltage level.

and, the software seems to be working fine as I get pulses on the
scope when I view the db9 output.

I'll appreciate any suggestions.


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