Re: Grid display

Scott Davis

Thanks for the suggestions. The outline maps are cool, and I'd like to use them as much as I can. So far they have been added to Field Day, November Sweepstakes and each of the State QSO Party programs. They will definitely be in future versions of ACLog.

The problem with the maps is that they have to be physically drawn (which has been keeping Kim, KA3SEQ off the streets lately). Since different geographical areas will be of interest for each VHF user, I'm not sure how I would approach outline maps for the VHF contest. It is a great idea and I wish I could, but barring a brain storm I'll probably focus on the grid display.

Please let me know what else comes to mind.

73, Scott

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In a message dated 6/19/2003 11:59:20 PM Eastern Standard Time, "Eddie Wallace" <kg4efr@...> writes:

Maybe a map showing the grids, and maybe use color to show which grids
are worked? Kinda like the lastest release of Field Day with the
sections map that fill the worked section in with color??? That could
be cool . . .

Eddie KG4EFR

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