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Hi All,

The N3FJP Software Users group may NOT be the group that you are looking for!
We totally understand that most folks don't want tons of e-mail and we have better support options for you.  If you want to keep e-mail volume low, DON'T join this group!
If you ONLY want to be notified of e-mail announcements from Kimberly, Chris and me as new programs and free upgrades are released, please instead join the N3FJP Software Announcements Only group, where ONLY Kimberly, Chris and I can post.  We keep the Announcements Only group e-mail to an absolute minimum. To subscribe to the "Announcements from N3FJP Only" group instead (highly recommended), please visit:
This N3FJP Software Users group has been active since 2003.  As a result of the growth and enthusiasm for our software over the past two decades, as of July, 2021, it has nearly 50,000 messages!  The Users group has served very well as a support venue for a very long time, but as our N3FJP Software service has progressed, we have developed better, more timely support options for you.
Most of the questions that we receive have been asked and answered many times over, so we are training our live bot, Juliet, to give you instant answers to many common questions without subjecting you to the e-mail volume of a users group!  Juliet is still in training and learning, but she is getting better with every question.  You will find Juliet here:
If Juliet doesn't know the answer, then please see our list of resources, including our contact info, here:
This Users group can still be useful for questions such as rig interface, when our standard settings aren't working with your radio and others more familiar with your rig may be able to provide more input, but given the delays inherent in waiting for an e-mail reply, the volume of e-mail this group can sometimes generate and the better support options we have created for you, it is last on our list of recommended resources for good reason.
IT ISN'T NECESSARY TO JOIN THIS GROUP TO USE IT AS A RESOURCE!  Whatever you are wondering has likely already been asked and answered many times over.  While Juliet can likely provide a quicker, better answer, if you wish to search this group, first, click the Messages button in the left hand pane of this page.  On the page that appears, at the upper right, you will see a Search field.  Just type a keyword or two for your question, click Search and you will see all the related questions and responses.  
You are still welcome to join the Users group if you like, but we are no longer recommending it for most questions.  If you choose to subscribe to this group, be prepared for lots of e-mail!

73, Scott

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