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CW problems, help please 7 messages By Bo W4GHV ·
RTTY hang time after {RX} By Bill Gillenwater ·
Time synchronization in network mode -- good enough for FT8?? 2 messages By Thomas Worthington ·
Cannot generate CW sidetone on Kenwood TS-2000X when keying by the serial port 11 messages By WU9D ·
RTTY SO2R 5 messages By N4TB Terry Burkholder ·
Spectruc Scope and Yaesu FTDX-101 6 messages By Jorge Gallardo (EA4T) ·
Update WA QSO Party Cabrillo support to 3.0 2 messages By Jason Frazier ·
SO2R with 1 interfaced rig 6 messages By Ben Coleman NJ8J ·
ARRL FD 2021 CHF updated 2 messages By VE2FK ·
SENT-numbering permanently (irrevocably?) garbled after QSO-Edit 9 messages By 'Zaba' OH1ZAA ·
Spectrum window with transverter 2 messages By Pavel Benka ·
OK1WC Memorial not dealing with locators By 'Zaba' OH1ZAA ·
Impossible to correct special callsign in log field (OK1WC Memorial) 6 messages By 'Zaba' OH1ZAA ·
Airspy IF Freq 5 messages By Janez Majdic ·
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