Telnet setup

Tom Wagner (N1MM)

Two pro tips:

1. Telnet not Telenet.

2. On AR-Cluster "set/dx filter not skimmer" will turn off skimmer spots.  Do this for phone contests.  It lessens load on your computer and on the cluster server.

Tom - N1MM

On 10/22/2019 3:26 PM, Jamie WW3S wrote:
Its an AR6 cluster, rather than CC....

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NC7J works quicker than VE&CC --thanks.


On Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 3:24 PM Dave Sublette <k4to.dave@... <mailto:k4to.dave@...>> wrote:

Just tried wb4qoj--NO LUCK.  So far only VE7CC works


On Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 3:15 PM Ed W2LCQ via Groups.Io
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I use NC7J with N1MM+

73, Ed Jones W2LCQ

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On Oct 22, 2019, at 11:07 AM, Dave Sublette
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I was able to connect to VE7CC.  I guess all the ones on the
list are pretty much duds.  Thanks for the help.


Dave, K4TO

On Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 4:01 AM ShelbyK4WW
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Dave, I use <>

On Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 1:47 AM Dave Sublette
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Dave Sublette <k4to.dave@...

10:12 PM (55 minutes ago)

to N1MMLoggerPlus

I have used N1MM for several years, but have never
tried to connect to a cluster. Tonight I tried,
without success, to connect to several on the list
of clusters.  I am in Kentucky.  Is there a cluster
that I can connect to that will give me useful
spots? I've been trying to read the manual and see
if there is something about the setup that I need to
do, but no luck so far.


Dave, K4TO

73, Shelby - K4WW
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