scores not lining up


On 23 Nov 2019 at 19:39, ve3ki wrote:

This sounds like a variable-spaced font. With a monospaced font, the columns line up just
fine here. Use the Config > Manage Skins, Colors and Fonts to open the Manage Skins,
Colors and Fonts window, select the Fonts tab, and click on the fifth button: "Fixed - Digital
Interface, Check, Telnet and Score Windows". Make sure the font that is selected there is a
fixed-width font. Actually, the only fonts that should be available in the listbox are
fixed-spaced fonts; it shouldn't be possible to select a variable-spaced font here.

If that's not the issue: Which contest type, and what modes are listed in the Score Summary?
That was it. Interestingly enough when I went to config --- manage skins --- fonts and then
selected the box that said it was for things that needed a mono spaced fonts like the score
box, the font field was blank. Yeah just for grins and giggles tried all of the about 8
selections and they all worked great. Blank not so much. Wonder how I ended up with a

Working on the setup for the winter field day. The user defined contest doesn't score
properly and trying to fix that. Got it much closer if nothing else. I have promised the winter
field day group a set of detailed instructions for using N1MM in the contest. the problem is
that as soon as I started documenting I started finding problems. So still plan to have both
the documentation and the better UDC file ready by the end of the month. Then just have to
find out how to get that file in the list of UDC files on the n1mm site.

The summary ends up with cw usb and rtty listed right now. I assume I am going to get FM
and LSB in the list real soon doo.

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