Rotor Com Port Baud Rate ---- Solved

Jim W7RY

I thought for sure there was a baud rate setting. But there is not.

When I rebooted, a note came up in the bottom of the rotor box that said "not defined"
I had to select (using the tools menu, and  putting a check mark on the rotor I had configured) the rotor that I had set up as "tribander" and now it works. I did not see that before the reboot. Not sure why...

But then again... I'm old... Not as old as some, but still old.

Jim W7RY

On Mon, Dec 23, 2019 at 11:29 AM Steve London <n2ic@...> wrote:
Each rotator controller has a manufacturer-fixed baud rate, which N1MM+ has been
coded to match.

Do you have a rotator controller that allows you to set the baud rate ?

Steve, N2IC

On 12/23/2019 10:21 AM, Jim W7RY wrote:
> I've been looking for an hour...  And am NOT new to N1MM... BUT
> Where do you set the baud rate for N1MM rotor?
> Dont seem to find any help on the web site or Google search.
> Thanks!
> 73
> Jim W7RY
> Merry Christmas