Regex support for UDC?

Tom Schaefer NY4I

I have been testing out the UDC for Winter Field Day. The EntryWInfdow is defined to use MiscText for the class. With that, one thing that popped up is there is no way to enforce the valid exchange for the class (I, H, or O as opposed to the ARRL Field Day A - F).

I had a thought that if the UDC could be defined to include a regex, then when the exchange is evaluated by Logger if the exchange does not match the regex, it could indicate an error. This offers some flexibility to the UDC creator and allows some error checking without having to define the contest in Logger itself.

Maybe something like this:

EntryWindowInfo =MiscText , 4 (^\d{1,3}[HIO]), Exchange1Text, 500

If there is some mechanism for that (perhaps MiscText is not the right thing to use), I could not find it documented. If not, I humbly submit this as a feature suggestion.


Tom NY4I