?QS1R & Spectrum Display Window & WaterfallBandmap, How?


Need help getting WaterfallBandmap (WB) to function with my QS1R. If that would function then I would try that with N1MM Spectrum Display Window (SDW). WB successfully loads firmware to QS1R, but WB displays mostly white screen, same as reported by John N0TA in Message #388: "On the Bandmap screen, I am only getting a vertical, black line, about 1/4 inch wide on the right hand side. The rest of the screen is basically white with the text on the top and right." Upon a few mouse clicks on that screen, Windows reports WB "Not Responding" and WB must be closed. My QS1R plays well with HDSDR on the same PC. Unfortunately the is not active, so I do not expect an answer from them.

FYI, both the x86 and x64 versions of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019  are installed on my PC for WB to use. WB is installed in C:WaterfallBandmap... (NOT in C:Programs) (Same WB symptoms with WB
FYI, In my WB folder (In addition to the WB unzipped files):

The QS1R ExtIO dll (and above needed files) does not function with N1MM SDW directly, tried that.


73, Doug  AA3S