problems with N1MM


I have been running N1MM for many years now, in the past week I have tried using it for the 12 days of Christmas SES, I have been using the TS-590 and Windows 10, after turning the radio on and starting N1MM I get the error message that says my COM port for the radio is already in use, I have verified that nothing else is using that COM port by watching device manager, when I pull the USB cord the port disappears, if I let N1MM sit for a while I will get a re-try message and if I click OK it now sees the radio but I still get the COM port error for the WinKeyer.  Eventually N1MM will recognize the COM port for the keyer without me changing anything.

     I have the latest updates for N1MM and the latest updates for 10, any thoughts?

73 John K2IZ

Peter Krüger

This is really often asked - use the seach function, you will find hundred of answers.

N1mm+Toolbox -> see at