one gripe and one request


N1MM logger+ worked great as usual this weekend.


First a gripe.  I have seen the bearing information change to completely wrong information for the call sign in the call sign box many times in the past and this weekend I found out why.  I was using spotting assistance and many times there would be a call in the call frame (above the call sign textbox) from the spots that was incorrect.  If I moved just a few Hz the information would change to the spotted call instead of the one in the entry call sign box.  Very annoying at times.  If a call is in the entry box it should have info display priority until the box is empty.


Next the request.  Have a timer that is reset by PTT and frequency change information as well as contact entries.  That way one could get a better estimation of time on the air instead of the time between contacts over 30 minutes.  The latter is for the contest sponsor but the earlier would be nice for our own information.  I am not the biggest station and many times I have chased a multiplier over 30 minutes and it looks like I was away from the radio according the 30 minute rule.


Was a good CQWW weekend.


73 Eric N7EPD