sticky NOTICE - TO CONTEST SPONSORS, identify inactive/obsolete contests

Larry K8UT

As evidenced by yesterday's discussion of the SPAR Winter Field Day contest, there are contests in our Supported Contests List that are obsolete/inactive and should be de-listed from the Entry Window's >File >New Log in Database - contest choices.

By coincidence, in recent weeks the N1MM DevTeam has been working with Bruce WA7BNM regarding a direct interface between his Contest Calendar website and N1MM. As part of that effort we have identified 51 contests that appear to be obsolete/inactive. In this week's Latest Update release we will begin trimming the menu selection list by removing contests that are tagged as obsolete/inactive.

The list of those 51 proposed obsolete contests can be found in the website's >Downloads >Program Files >Experimental Versions gallery. If your contest is listed but is still an active contest, please contact the Dev Team to get your contest reinstated on the list.

NOTE: This list does not includes User Defined Contests (UDCs) and QSO Parties. We'll be looking at those in the future, also.

-larry K8UT

Paul Evans W4/VP9KF

CWJF's CQMM contest definitely still exists! or

Paul CWJF No. 790.