N1MM+ sticks to RTTY in PSK31 sub-band

ok4rm <radio.miskovice@...>

Hello all. I have a strange problem with digital modes in DX "contest" (casual logging).
I use one "DX" log for any random or DX contacts I want to log. Usually it is set to CW+Phone (SSB) because I mostly work only CW and the rest are exceptions or coincidences.
However, from time to time I enjoy digital. I have fldigi configured with N1MM+ and although it is weird at times,it works.
Now the weird thing about N1MM+.
I change my DX "contest" setup so that I add RTTY+PSK (so the modes configured are CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK). I have four columns for each band in the band-mode switch on the left. When I first switch to PSK, MMVARI and fldigi starts correctly and after a short time I am ready to go. However, when I now switch to PSK/another band (i.e. different band in the same band switcher "column"), it goes to RTTY. I.e. the band is selected in the RTTY column, and the logger logs the mode as RTTY. Interestingly, after this change, fldigi is still in PSK mode. There seems to be some lack of communication inside N1MM+ logger and/or between N1MM+ and fldigi.
My question #1: can this be fixed in config, and if so, how?
My question #2: if this is a bug in N1MM+ logger, what is the cause of it (just being curious).
Thanks, 73! Jindra