N1MM Mmtty tweaks? #n1mm


Thanks for the help getting N1MM working.
I worked WAERtty contest this weekend and had a blast. I'm a casual contester..

I come from using HRD DM for digital.
In DM you have a waterfall and you take your mouse and line up the lines click work a station.
Work a few more thec change freq and work more.

In Mmtty it's seems it doesn't have this kind of tuning you have to tune the dial. I just want to make sure that I'm not missing something..

Also are there any tweaking I need to do in mmtty?
Any settings in need to look at.

I just switched N1MM and just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything.

Thanks for the info


B. Smith

I prefer turning the dial and keeping an eye on the spectrum scope to get things lined up, however, there are two other options you could use to do it the way you're used to, MMVARI, which is built-in N1MM+, has a waterfall display ): and FLDIGI which can be integrated into it. The N1MM+ web site has how-tos on getting things integrated. Setting up supplemental receive windows using various decoders is a lot of fun. I have tried 2-tone, but currently, I use GRTTY and another copy of MMTTY running the Flutter profile. Every so often the supplemental receive windows really help.


Thank you for the imput.
I'm not set in tuning the way I did in DM.
I used Mmtty tuning and it worked well for me.
I'm was more interested in how and what others use.
I'm really getting into N1MM software it seems to be very flexible.
Also I am working my way through all the videos and the manual.

Thanks again for the ideas.