N1MM ignores FLDIGI #n1mm

Jindřich Vavruška <jindrich@...>

Hello, I am struggling with N1MM. In Configuration -> Configure Ports, etc. -> Digital Modes, when I set up path to FLDIGI #fldigi as my digi program and do not fill anything as path to MMTTY, after switching to RTTY or digi N1MM keeps complaining that it cannot find MMTTY is the given path. Which is utter nonsense as I have not given any MMTTY path, am not wishing to use MMTTY at all, and on the contrary want to use FLDIGI.
Is there any way how to explain this software that I mean what is entered in the configuration?

Thanks, Jindra

Jindřich Vavruška <jindrich@...>

UPDATE: for some weird motion in the developer's brain, digi program paths are all prefilled with "Not Set" text when the path is not set. Hence when switching to any digi mode, the message box complains it cannot find MMTTY in the path "Not Set".
When I delete "Not Set" to leave the field empty, and press SAVE button, it seems to remember the empty field. But when I close the configuration, "Not Set" appears again in the Catch 22-style and everything repeats over and over.
If I try to force empty string by entering "" in the respective input box, after switching to digi mode N1MM offers a report form to report a problem, which is "Illegal character in path". I do not understand at all this kind of logic, as illegal character in path is obviously not a bug reporting of which to the developers team would have any sense (if I ignore that the software cannot be used for digital mode logging at all unless you strictly adhere to the configuration preferred by the development team).
There are numerous other bugs related to this, e.g. digital monitor window opens despite the fact that none of the digital mode programs was not started, and cannot be closed unless you switch the mode etc. but I will not go into detail.
Please disregard my previous question - I give up using N1MM, it has way too complicated UI, unintuitive controls and way too many quirks and bugs to be taken seriously.

Drew Vonada-Smith K3PA


Thousands of very successful contesters use the software without any serious problems. They take the software very seriously - they win contests with it.  I've had less than half a dozen crashes or problems in 10+ years heavy use.  That's a fabulous record.   The fact that your first question was at 4:49 AM followed by a message that you had given up at 5:10 (21 minutes later) seems t suggest a lack of patience working through normal new user issues.

Obviously, error messages include information about reporting them to a development team, regardless of the specific nature of the message.  No software sorts fatal errors into "useful" and "not useful" ones for the developers.  Due to the nature of what errors are (unpredictable), your expectation is unrealistic.

Why not just set up MMTTY properly, regardless of whether you expect to use it or not?  "" is not an empty string, it is a programmatic representation of an empty string.  Interpreted literally, as a entry field might well do, it is two quotes.  It would have never occurred to me to do that...I'd just use a valid path and put the program there.  And then ask the team for help on FLDIGI, and be willing to wait perhaps a full day for some response?  They are unpaid volunteers, you know, right?

If you find the UI too complex, which some do, you might be better off with one of the simpler/lower functionality programs often preferred by US Field Day users.  N3FJP comes to mind.  Good luck to you.

Drew K3PA