missing spots in window [Available Mult's & Q's] ?


Hi all,

during CQWW-CW contest last weekend I accidentally realized that some few spots did not appear on the window [Available Mult's & Q's] although they appear in the [Telnet] window. Now I did some checks and succeeded in reproducing this error. I have no clue why this is happening as I triple-checked all my settings and the look fine to me.

Here are two example screenshots that will show  clearly what is happening.The left window shows a raw telnet connection to the node I am using for a cross-check to monitor the spots existing/coming from the node. The middle one is N1MM+'s [Available Multi's & Q's] window and the right one the [Telnet] window of N1MM+. Note that on both telnet windows (left and right one) the latest spots are shown on the bottom whereas the middle [Available Multi's & Q's] window show it in reverse order (=latest spots on the top).

Example 1:

Here you see that the spot K2WK came through correctly as expected through N1MM+ telnet window (right window), but it did not appear in the middle [Available Mult's & Q's] window.

Example 2:

Here you see three missing spots at all ==> VK9CZ, DK5KK, ZD7W, DL5DBY

I did some more examples on my own and I cannot find any certain indication that could lead to a helpful answer. However what I realized is that same callsigns are missing at all examples. For example the ZD9W, VK9CZ and all german callsigns are missing (DL6KVA also didn't appear).

So my first thought was I could have misconfigured my filter settings, here are the screenshots what my settings look like:

What am I doing wrong, where is the culprit, why do some spots not appear in the list? Or did I reveal an unknown bug? I want to add that I've tested this with three different nodes.

please shed some light onto, any help appreciated. Thanks in advance

Saki, DD5XX



VE9AA - Mike

For your K2WK spot, it's probably just below the bottom of the window if you scrolled up one tiny notch past in3fhe (your window is holding more spots than you can visualize/see).

For your comment about German stations. They are worth 0 pts and after the very very first Germany QSO in (presumably) the first hour (if you were QRV), there is no point in working your fellow German countryman. (0 pts, is 0 pts....I had Canadians call me all weekend and I have to assume they just got on the air and needed their first Canadian contact for the country mult.)

I am not a programmer, but my first inclination (just a guess...not sure) is maybe you had already worked ZD7W & VK9CZ on that band already?

The 2nd guess was that you had it sorted by time and one other parameter and they are not showing in the visible screen area.  I can't see all your columns, so I am not sure what that would be.  It's definitely time, but the 2nd parameter does not appear to be beam heading, alphabetical or frequency.

When contests like CQWW take place, there is no way to display 100% of all the mults and Q's available, so at times it's better to only display mults, until you get them cleaned up a bit, and only then go back to trying to display all. 

Sorry - only a couple ideas. Hopefully others will also have some.  I rarely sort the mult window so I don't even know which columns are missing (if any) or that I can't see.

Mike VE9AA


Hello Mike and sorry for late reply. Thanks to your comment I was able to  nail down my issue. The mentioned missing spots (K2WX, DL5DBY, ZD7W, VK9CZ, DK5KK) were not display in N1MM+ [Available Mult's & Q's] window because I already logged them or they were german stations and thus zero points for me (I already had a german station logged).

So question answered, thank you very much. Merry X-MAS and a happy new year to you and yours.

Saki, DD5XX