Meaning of This Error Message

Tony Gasperino

While working to get TinyFSK transmitting under the new approach, I started receiving an error message each time a DI window opened. Since I have N1MM configured for SO2R, when both DI windows open, there are two messages. The messages read: “A device ID has been used that is out of range for your system”. If I close one or both DI windows, one or both messages disappear.


I can send macros without deleting an Error window; they simply reposition behind the DI window.


If I click “OK” in the Error window, the window disappears and everything continues to function normally. The messages only appear when DI windows open.


I have reviewed all my settings in the DI window, but cannot find anything amiss. Any suggestions regarding what I may have changed to cause this Message?


73, Tony, WS7V

Rich M5RIC

Hi Tony

A long time ago but I don't suppose you worked out what was causng this error message?

I've just set-up N1MM for SO2R and am getting the same message.