Iowa Qso Party scoring

Bill Stravinsky

There seems to be a discrepancy in the way n1mm scores this contest.  For example it counts 3 contacts with the same county worked on 3 bands as 3 mults.  In reading the rules it says each county should be
counted just once:

Please note, your official score may be different than your claimed score due to missing QSO information or scoring software that counted all band/mode combinations as multipliers, inconsistent with our rules.

- Stations Outside Iowa: One multiplier for each Iowa county worked (see the county list).
- Iowa Stations: One multiplier for each Iowa county worked, one multiplier for each state (including Iowa) or Canadian province worked (see the state/province list), and one multiplier for working at least one DX station.

I don't know if n1mm has always scored this like it does but also surprised this issue never came up.  Anyway we can get the scoring to be accurate with a revision?