How to manage 2 Stations, 2 Laptops and 3 individual Calls (CQWW-SSB)


Hi folks,
for the CQWW-SSB I have the following task:
We'll operate separate 2 Stations in one shelter, use 1 Laptop per Station and operate 3 individual Calls. 
We change the OP several Times in these 48h.
The Laptops are connected via 1GB LAN to a 1TB NAS and Internet. (this config is tested several Times and secure)
(In the past, every OP has his own Laptop, but this is not particularly favorable.)
Are there any suggestions to manage this scenario ?

My Idea to solve the problem is:
- Every Laptop has an N1MM+ Installation on C:\. The Logger-Data is on D:\N1MM_Logger-Data.
- NAS holds every time the actual copy of D:\N1MM_Logger-Data including the Database

Changing from OP1 to OP2:
- Robocopy D:\N1MM_Logger-Data to  NAS:\OP1\N1MM_Logger-Data (Backup all Files OP1 Data to NAS)
- Robocopy NAS:\OP2\N1MM_Logger-Data to D:\N1MM_Logger-Data (Restore)
- Op2 can resume logging his Contest

After finishing operation, OP2 change with OP3

- Robocopy D:\N1MM_Logger-Data to  NAS:\OP2\N1MM_Logger-Data (Backup all Files OP2 Data to NAS)
- Robocopy NAS:\OP3\N1MM_Logger-Data to D:\N1MM_Logger-Data (Restore)
- Op3 can resume logging his Contest


HOW is that ?
Any better proposals?

Vy 73 de DL4SKF Rolf